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Close to the village square and with a beautiful pool

Close to the village square and with a beautiful pool


235.000 EUR

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This great house for sale in Apokoronas, Chania is developed on three levels and has a beautiful private pool. It is located very close to the square of the village Kokkino Chorio, but still enjoys privacy, plenty of outdoor space and very impressive view both of the countryside and of course, the sea.

The entrance of the house is on the slightly elevated ground floor where two double bedrooms are found, as well as a bathroom.
The kitchen, the living room and the dining area are located on the first floor where an extra bedroom plus a bathroom are found. All rooms have access to the outside – balconies with stunning views. Even from the ground floor, one can access a spacious terrace and enjoy not only the landscape around, but also the view of the pool.
The house covers a total surface of 168 sqms, is air-conditioned, features solar panels, central oil heating, double-glazed windows and high-quality appliances.

Regarding the basement, it can be used either for extra storage and utility purposes – there is also an already formed laundry room area that is very practical – or even host guests as it is quite spacious. In other words, it is totally an additional convenience.

The property has nicely landscaped gardens, many sitting areas outside, wooden pergolas and a very large pool. There is also a lot of space for privately parking inside the property. This villa offers peacefulness, fantastic view and all the amenities in the centre of the village.

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