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Detached house in a quiet residential area

Detached house in a quiet residential area

Pazinos, Akrotiri, Chania


260.000 EUR

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This is a detached house for sale in  Akrotiri Chania Crete, located in the picturesque village of Pazinos, on the peninsular of Akrotiri.  The double storey house has been built in a private plot of land of 300sqms, with a total surface of 100sqms arranged over 2 levels.

The house features an open plan kitchen and living area a double bedroom and a large bathroom on the ground floor. The kitchen is fitted with modern cupboards and plenty of storage. The bathroom is fully tiled.  A staircase leads on the 1st floor of the house, where 2 double bedrooms and a bathroom can be found.

All rooms of the property lead to covered verandas or terraces and there is a beautiful garden with a private parking area.The house has been equipped with a solar panel, air-condition units, central oil hearing and a wood burning fireplace in the living area.  The property comes fully furnished and equipped and it is ready to live in.

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